Our Story

Ember Wrap Pink CamoEmber Wrap is a patent-pending scarf design that was conceived during a Thanksgiving Day family dinner.

While talking of early morning bow hunting along with frigid temperatures, the conversation led to the issue of how to stay warmer while hunting. That’s where problem met brainstorming and innovation met solution.

Made in the USAFor the following six months, we worked on design after design and finally came up with one that made sense … giving us the confidence needed to file for a patent.

Product Information

Ember Wrap with Hot HandsWe are thrilled to bring this item to the market. Ember Wrap has strategically-placed pockets along the length of the scarf in which to insert air-activated hand warmers, as well as hand pockets in the end of the scarf. Each pocket along the length is a self-contained pocket, allowing the warmers to stay in place without any hardware such as Velcro or snaps.

Ember Wrap is not only functional , but it’s also quite fashionable. Although camouflage patterns are our specialty, we make many patterns and colors available to our customers.

Custom orders are available upon request!

Ember Wrap is a great gift for yourself as well as anyone on your gift list. It is a gift that will last for years to come.

Where We’ve Been Spotted

Ember Wrap Blue CamoEmber Wraps have been sighted at football games, in hunting stands and blinds, on ski slopes, and in cold offices and nursing homes. The uses are endless. Keep your head on your game or in the game and order your Ember Wrap today!

Warmth never felt so good!