About Us

“The Warmest Scarf You Will Ever Own”

Cathy Hoberty

Cathy Hoberty - Ember WrapI was born and raised in the great state of Michigan and now reside in Indiana. Although I’m a sign language interpreter by trade, I have a deep passion for innovation and creativity.

A couple of years ago I was really into making scarves and designed an Indianapolis Colts scarf for my sister that had pockets for a wallet or cell phone. That’s when my brother-in-law, Eddie, suggested making one with pockets along the neck line. He and my sister, Jacque’, are avid bow hunters and sitting in those tree stands can be mighty cold. A year came and went and my sister’s birthday was fast approaching … so I decided to design a camo scarf out of fleece for her birthday. I put pockets all along the neck and bought her some Hot Hands hand warmers to insert in the pockets. I tested it out before I wrapped it up and was shocked that the scarf was toasty warm even after 10 hours! I knew it would be warm, but had no idea it would be that warm for that long.

That’s when I figured, why stop there? What about football fans? Soccer moms, tailgaters, people with sore necks, freezing office buildings, nursing homes. The list of possibilities are endless. So….

Ta Da! That’s how Ember Wrap was born. A simple idea to help freezing hunters evolved into a small business that has been so fun, and quite the learning experience. I already have ideas floating around with more products to add to our inventory. My goal is to always come up with innovative and practical products that are affordable and downright fun and sassy.

Please check back often as the patterns of our Ember Wraps will change periodically. And don’t forget that we can customize a wrap to fit your needs.

Warmth never felt so good!

Jacque and Eddie

Ember Wrap - Jacque and Eddie CanslerEddie and Jacque met three years ago through the wonderful sport of archery. Eddie placed 2nd at the International Bow Organization World Competition, while along the way mentored and coached Jacque to place 12th at the IBO World Championship Competition this year. What an exciting time!

Eddie also introduced Jacque to the sport of hunting. She got her first deer last year and her first buck this year. While Jacque loves the sport of hunting, she hates being cold. That’s when Eddie came up with the idea of a scarf to keep her warm. Hence…the beginning of Ember Wrap. With his idea and the creative mind of his sister-in-law, Cathy, they no longer freeze while hunting! Jacque has also been known to wear Ember Wrap to restaurants and while teaching in chilly classrooms. Not to mention their friends staying toasty warm while at soccer games and tailgating.

HavingĀ Ember Wrap is a true blessing. However, whether we are all hunting or at an archery tournament or a football game, we give thanks to our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, for the opportunities He provides. Christ is truly the Ember that ignites our lives and it’s His light that warms our hearts. It is our hope and prayer that all of you feel the warmth of Christ’s love.